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About the Author

I decided I wanted to be an attorney when I was ten years old. It was probably a good thing that I chose a career path early in life. With a specific path fixed, I was not as distracted by many other intellectual interests. I loved college but was so intent on my chosen field that I went through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in three years graduating with a BA in Political Science. While in college I took seven philosophy classes and a couple of religion classes and loved them all. I also loved Economic theory and literature.

After graduating from Illinois law school, I spent 32 years practicing law in Central Illinois. Most of my practice involved litigation. I tried hundreds of law suits, including many jury trials. During this time I represented mostly “real people” in personal injury, family law and bankruptcy cases.

While in Central Illinois (Decatur, Illinois specifically), I was very involved in the community. As I tell people I served a four year “sentence” when elected to the Macon County Board. Having three sons, I coached soccer for thirteen years, baseball for five and basketball for two. For two years, I wrote a weekly column for the Decatur newspaper answering legal questions and appeared on a local television station on a regular basis for 14 years also answering legal questions.

My father maintained that one should have more than one business or profession during one’s lifetime. That sounded good to me. In 2006, I sold my law practice to my son, Andy, who had been an attorney in our office for six years. Donna and I always loved the mountains and, in particular, the Rockies in Colorado. We moved to Boulder, Colorado and built a dream home in the foothills outside Boulder. Two of our five children live in Colorado as do three grandchildren. I have my law license in Colorado, as well as Illinois, and have established a part-time mediation practice helping people settle family law litigation.

My plan was to take the first year to write a book about my philosophy and, thereafter, go to the University of Colorado to get a degree in something unrelated to law, e.g. philosophy or psychology. After two and a half years, A Common Path represents my effort to set in writing what I believe to be true about our world.
I have always been keenly interested in Science. When growing up, Math and Science were the areas in which I most excelled. A Common Path reflects my interest in Science as well as my interest in philosophy.