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Self-identified believers have doubts about God due to the conflict between religion and science (scientific knowledge undermines religious beliefs).

Religious beliefs need to change now and in the future to accommodate scientific knowledge.

The conflict between science and religion must be resolved.

We should not divide knowledge based upon “science” or “religion” as categories but rather based any division upon the degree of proof or the method of proof.

People need meaning in their lives.

People need to make decisions in their lives and need a basis for making those decisions.

Science must eliminate its reductionistic, materialistic, deterministic bias. Each are unproven assumptions.

We can prove by a preponderance of the evidence certain “spiritual knowledge.”

We can use indirect evidence (circumstantial evidence) to establish “spiritual knowledge.”

When establishing “knowledge” we should not be limited to the “scientific method.” The scientific method is not the only means of knowledge.

We can and must establish an “objective” basis for values.

Many “dualisms” divide our world. We need to bridge those dualisms to make ourselves and the universe whole.

People need to be more spiritual.

Religious beliefs should be less specific.

Religious beliefs should be more uniform.

Religious beliefs should not be solely based upon revelation.

When establishing knowledge we should start with that knowledge which is most certain; because of the nature of scientific knowledge, i.e. how it is established, we should start with scientific knowledge

Science has reached certain boundaries and science cannot provide us with all of the answers to all of our questions.